Can I Still Be Around Drugs or Alcohol?

Many recovering addicts struggling to remain sober often find themselves unable to escape the temptation of re-dipping or even being around drugs or alcohol. Substance-free living can be difficult, especially if you are not surrounded by people in the same boat as they are. It is important to remember that addiction is not just a physical problem but also an emotional and mental problem. A person can struggle with addiction without ever physically ingesting any substance.

It’s essential for recovering addicts to find healthy ways of coping with life. Your family and friends are an important resource when you are recovering. Family members can provide emotional support, as well as help in the area of finances. Friends can help by listening to your problems or concerns and offering suggestions and direction regarding your recovery. It’s important to understand that the people closest to you can also cause addiction problems if they don’t understand what you’re going through. Here are reasons why you should avoid being around situations where drugs and alcohol are present.

There Is a Possibility of Relapse

Early recovery is a time when you are attempting to find a new design for living, one which is healthy, fulfilling, and drug-free. It can be easier to remain sober when you are not surrounded by people who use drugs and alcohol. However, there are times when temptation will get the best of you. If you go out with your old friends or engage in activities with family members who use drugs or alcohol, there is a good chance that you could give in to temptation. It’s important not just to think about being around temptation but also to recognize it when it comes your way. The more addicts become sober, the more skillful and confident they become at beating their addictions. If your recovery is going well, it should be easy to recognize when your addiction tries to sneak up on you and take over. Recovering addicts who are more skilled at recognizing their addiction when trying to get a foothold on them have a better chance of escaping without relapsing into substance abuse.

It Might Feel Uncomfortable Being around Alcohol and Drugs

When people are just starting their recovery attempt to change the social circle they are a part of, they can sometimes make others feel uneasy. They may not want to be around you because they are afraid that you will relapse or simply because your mannerisms and lifestyle remind them of your addiction. It’s important to be respectful of how others feel, even if it means not being around them for a time. When working on your recovery, you need to find other people who can provide emotional support, listen to your concerns and be there for you. The people closest to you may not understand what you’re going through when overcoming addiction. Therefore, surround yourself with individuals who can emotionally support you and propel you toward your recovery.

You Need to Focus on Your Recovery

Finally, it’s important for you not to focus too much on being around people using drugs or alcohol. It can be both a distraction and an off-putting factor during early recovery. You need to focus on your progress with your addiction and let go of any negative feelings surrounding those who still use drugs or alcohol around you.

The best way to overcome addiction is through commitment and being around people who understand the struggles that addicts go through. It takes a strong will and a real desire to want to change your lifestyle before you are ever able to succeed. When drinking or using drugs has become part of your life, it’s important to focus on how it affects you and what needs to change to get sober. When you are starting to get your feet on the ground in recovery, it is important to speak up if you feel you will fall back into your old ways. Don’t be afraid to have an honest conversation about your feelings of temptation with yourself or others.

You don’t have to go through recovery alone. More importantly, consult with your therapist about the matter to plan for any potential problems you might encounter. For more information about sobriety and addiction, call us today at 614-705-0611, and we will see you through your recovery process.