Should I Go To a Sober Living Facility Near Me?

A sober living program helps a recovering addict transition from addiction treatment to independent living. Choosing a sober living facility is often a stressful situation, especially when you are new to the program. You’ll want to have your every question answered before you go to make sure you know exactly what you are faced with.

If you’re wondering whether you should go to a sober living facility near you after your stay in rehab, let us answer some of your inquiries before you make your final decision.

What is a Sober Living Facility?

Sober living facilities provide their patients with continuing care after their stay in an addiction rehab facility. They are also known as transitional living homes. Residents of a sober living home are supervised during their stay while being given more freedom to come and go for outside responsibilities. A sober living home gives residents the chance to slowly transition from intensive rehab treatment to total independence. The staff helps keep recovering addicts accountable during their stay.

Is Sober Living Right for Me?

Sober living facilities are designed for residents who:

  • Are coming straight from an inpatient or outpatient program
  • Require further accountability during their journey to sobriety
  • Are 100% clean and working towards being self-sufficient
  • Can live peacefully among other residents

If you meet the qualifications above and are ready to stay on a sober path, a sober living arrangement will be an excellent choice. Sober living homes provide prolonged supportive living arrangements for addicts in recovery who are not quite ready to go back to their regular living arrangements. They are stable housing developments that offer low, out-of-pocket living costs for those who live there. They allow residents to go back and forth to work and other commitments during the daytime while providing additional therapy sessions and support.

How Do Sober Living Homes Work?

If you are considering a stay in a sober living home, you will need to understand how they function. There are basic house rules you will need to follow if you wish to stay in the home.

While you are in a sober living home, you must remain 100% drug and alcohol-free. You must be working towards a goal of long-term sobriety every day. This will also mean having to take random or scheduled drug and alcohol tests. You may be asked to leave if you fail either one.

You will be required to attend every house meeting, provided you are not at work or school at the time. You will also attend group therapy sessions with other residents of the sober living home.

You will be required to keep your living area clean and neat at all times. You will also be required to help take care of other household cleaning duties and chores.

Other common requirements to live in a sober living home include the following:

  • No overnight guests
  • No violence
  • No theft
  • Engagement in school, work, or a rehabilitation program
  • Timely payment of rent
  • No sexual contact between residents

Most residents stay in a sober living home for at least 90 days. However, it is not uncommon for residents to stay for a year or even longer.

What Living in a Sober Living Facility Offers

Staying in a sober living home allows you to gain important life skills while still receiving the care and support you need from professionals. You will learn a number of core skills, which include the following:

  • Time management via work, school, chores, exercise, volunteering, and group therapy
  • Budgeting by earning a stable income to pay for rent and food
  • Living among others and learning how to resolve conflict and communicate in a calm, productive manner
  • Working toward a life-long goal of sobriety
  • Accountability by senior staff and peers

Should you choose a sober living facility close to your home? The answer is likely “yes” if you believe you need additional support after exiting an inpatient or outpatient rehab program. Sober living homes will provide you with the continued support and structure you need while allowing you the opportunity to integrate back into regular society. Transitional sober living facilities make the transition back into regular life much easier for residents who still need help.

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