What Is A Sober House?

A sober house refers to a home that bridges an inpatient facility to the real world. After leaving the inpatient facility to your home, you might face some struggles during the transition. A sober home offers an in-between option for recovery that permits you to reinforce what you learned in the rehabilitation center.

It is a great option to minimize any anxieties you might have about getting back to your daily life from a monitored environment. For individuals in early recovery, a sober house is their only safe place for sober living. A sober house does not offer a similar structural level as an inpatient facility; however, it presents a sober transitional environment that encourages the individuals living in it to have healthy habits and coping skills even after returning to their homes.

What Should You Expect in a Sober House

Patients in inpatient rehabilitation centers do not have dependence; however, in a sober house, the residents are not bound to the home, and they have the freedom to go in and out as they please. This gives the people in the recovery phase an environment where they ease back to their daily life. Even though these homes do not have many restrictions, they have rules that they should abide by. The rules may include attendance of group meetings and curfews. Staying in a sober house has many advantages, including creating structure, attending a 12-step program, creating sober fellowships, and accountability.

A huge part of living in a sober home is building positive relationships that help reinforce the need to abstain from alcohol and drugs. A sober house gives the residents exposure, which helps them avoid the isolation that might come with returning home during recovery. It also offers an environment that supports recovery from addiction and substance abuse for individuals coming from the rehabilitation center. A sober house will give you structure and freedom, which will help you readjust to the outside life once more.

What Kind of Rules Do Sober Houses Have?

Every sober house has its own rules, but there are several common rules. When you move into a sober house, you agree to the rules, and in case of violations, you face the consequences. The consequences might be a fine, amendments to other residents or an essay that describes what you did. In other cases, you might be sent out of the sober house for good.

The key rule of a sober house is that you must remain sober at all times. You cannot take any drug or use various mouthwash brands or prepare a meal with ingredients like vanilla. This is because they might contain alcohol which might result in false positives after a drug test. When in the sober house, you should refrain from any form of violence.

How to Improve Your Chances of Remaining Sober

If you need a supplement to your recovery, that’s a sober house. It is an option to going from a treatment center to a home which is an environment that is not structured. A sober house will help you minimize the chances of relapse because it replicates your normal life while still observing healthy behaviors. A sober home will help you to do the following during the recovery period.

  •  Find a job
  • Adjust to a sober life in an unstructured surrounding
  • Locate a home after treatment
  • Make amendments with family and friends affected by your drug abuse behavior.

A sober house has an aftercare plan that is carefully designed to help you identify things that might entice you to abuse drugs once more after you get back to the community. It also offers emergency numbers that you can call when you are highly stressed or have high cravings for drugs. Additionally, it offers you healthy survival skills that will help you cope without drugs.

When to Move to a Sober House

After living in an inpatient treatment center and having issues with remaining sober, you should move to a sober house. A sober house is essential when it comes to full recovery. Generally, you can stay in a sober house for a minimum of three months; however, you can arrange for longer stays.

Contact the Professionals

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