Why Is Drug Rehab So Expensive?

Every rehab center has its own cost for substance addiction treatment. You may find there exist some free programs, but the paid ones are charged very high. Regardless of your budget, you will find a center that suits you or your loved one. It is also wise to talk to people who can assist you in finding a method of paying for the treatment.

<h2>Methods of Financing Drug Rehab</h2>
One common technique of paying for drug rehab is insurance. The good thing is that most centers accept insurance and offer financial aid. The company you are insured with will determine the amount your insurance will cater for during your treatment. Here are some of the insurance that covers drug addiction treatment.

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Private insurance
  • State-financed health insurance
  • Military insurance

The other way of getting help, even if you do not have insurance cover, is finding a low-income or free center. You may also look for programs with financing options. It is better to go to a center with financing options because free centers have a long waiting list and minimal funding.

You might also get to a point where you are taking a loan to finance addiction rehab treatment. It is important to note that an addiction rehab is a form of investment that pays off after some time. When you or your loved one get sober, you will get your career and life on track. Recovering from addictions helps you or your loved ones to save more since you are not spending so much on alcohol and other drugs. Let’s find out why drug rehab is so expensive.

Reasons Why Drug Rehab is So Expensive

Type of Rehab Center

In some states, you find that a single-family house gets licensed for around six beds. The rehab houses vary in location, size, and amenities. You might find that some centers offer private bedrooms and bathrooms, while in others, the patients have to share. A house that offers a patient more privacy is likely to cost a huge sum of money. Additionally, if the center is so huge, the costs of maintenance, utilities, cleaning, and home supplies will be high leading to high charges for their rehab services. There are chances that you will pay more for centers situated close to a luxurious setting or a coastal. Another thing is whether the center offers special amenities. The cost of drug rehab in a center that offers amenities such as a spa, swimming pool, and tennis courts will be very high.

Expert Staff

If you choose to go to rehab with expert clinicians with years of expertise in addiction treatment, the charges will be higher. This is because they offer quality and guaranteed services. They also offer personalized treatment for every individual to solve the addiction issue fully. They also provide essential services like discharge/treatment planning, groups, communication with family and outside providers, and documentation. It is important to know the capability of your doctor in helping you to recover.

Treatment Options

You will find that group therapy and group meetings are the gold standards for rehabilitation in cheaper or free rehab centers. Joining a more expensive rehab center, you will get individualized sessions and holistic treatments at lower costs. These individualized and customized services make drug rehab so expensive.

Food Quality

A healthy diet is essential when it comes to addiction recovery. Going to a rehab center that will honor your vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, kosher, low sodium, lactose-intolerant, and other nutritional requests will cost you more. Eating healthy is a significant contributor to staying sober.

Outside Activities and Transportation

Some centers will offer outside activities, concierge care, and transportation. You will experience reduced stress since your transportation to and from the appointments, airport, and the gym are arranged for you. You will also enjoy drug-free activities such as social activities, beach walks, and recreational outings. You will enjoy and benefit from these activities, but you will pay much more.


Just like in other areas of your life, what you pay for is what you get. You get to decide how and where you want to recover. But as we can see, there are numerous advantages when you go to expensive rehab centers. You get quality and personalized services. If you are looking for an addiction treatment center in Ohio, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professionals will offer you or your loved one the best services. Please schedule a consultation meeting with us today at 614-705-0611 and get to know what we offer and the pricing.