Can you overcome a drug addiction by yourself?

It’s becoming a well-known fact that drug addiction is a disease, not a choice. No one wants to become an addict. When you realize that you have become addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can be one of the hardest things to do in your life to get clean and sober. Many people wonder if they can overcome the addiction they have on their own. They think that they have the strength and resources they need to stay out of rehab altogether. However, getting clean and sober is a journey that requires help along the way.

Can you overcome drug addiction by yourself? If you are wondering what the answer is, read on to find out more.

Engaging in Addictive Behaviors

For most individuals, it’s harder to overcome addiction than they previously thought. They often believe that addiction isn’t real and that they will be able to quit any time that they want to. Many feel as though they are the exception to the rule. However, the addiction may become so overwhelming that they are not able to do it on their own. They often find themselves relapsing again and again.

Many addicts believe that getting over their addiction will be so easy that they won’t need to go into a rehab center. Instead, they try to cut back on their own. Unfortunately, they begin to realize that it simply isn’t as easy as they thought. Why? Well, one of the reasons is because they are often surrounded by the triggers that make them want to use drugs in the first place. Let’s look at that a bit further.

When addicts are at home, dealing with stressful situations like work and family, it’s easier to use “just one more time” to get over a hard day or event. They find it harder and harder to resists the pull of getting high when they don’t have anyone to stop them. In fact, addiction often gets worse and worse for addicts who do not seek professional help. Their tolerance gets higher and higher, and they need to use more of the same drug to achieve the same feeling. The longer they hold off on treatment, the higher the chance of an overdose.

This is why checking into a rehab facility is the best bet for anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol. A rehab program will help an addict get through their detox while learning how to face their new life without substances.

Why Rehab Works

One of the main reasons why it is easier to overcome an addiction by checking into rehab is the fact that medically-monitored detox services are available. Addicts who try to detox at home have a harder time maintaining their willpower when they don’t have anyone to help them stay away from their drug of choice. In rehab, patients are often given medication that takes away the physical and emotional cravings that substances cause. They are also carefully monitored during their time by different medical professionals. And when they need someone to lean on, they have the help of professional counselors and therapists on their side.

When a patient uses rehab to get clean instead of doing it on their own, they remove themselves from their daily lifestyle. This is a very important step to getting clean. When they are surrounded by like-minded individuals working hard to stay sober, they will feel encouraged to try hard themselves. Having the support of others, from doctors to counselors to roommates, will make a huge difference when a person is fighting as hard as they can to get clean.

Should you try to get clean yourself?

While there will always be cases of addicts being able to get clean on their own, it isn’t recommended. A reputable rehab facility will give addicts the opportunity to remove themselves from their daily lifestyle and enjoy the amenities that a rehab has to offer. This often includes holistic activities such as yoga, meditation, animal therapy, massage, and nutrition therapy. When that individual is able to focus on themselves completely, it makes it that much easier to get the help that they need to get sober and stay that way.

When you need help with your addiction, we are ready to guide you through the journey. We know how hard it can be to detox on your own, so let us help you find the lifestyle you have been hoping for. Call us now at 614-705-0611 when you are ready to learn more.