Recovering from an Addiction? Consider the Importance of Open Communication

One way to make recovery difficult if not impossible is to avoid communicating openly. In fact, doing so can make you feel isolated from those closest to you and not hold yourself accountable enough. Additionally, holding your feelings in can cause self-loathing and you can lose your sense of self. Read on to learn more about the role open communication plays in recovery.

Being Honest is Important

When you have an addiction, you may use lying as a way to obtain drugs or whatever else you may want. Further, a person may lie to avoid conflict with family and friends. But when you’re recovering, it’s important to be honest. For instance, if you need help, you can be honest by telling someone you trust about your problems so you both can find a way to fix them together.

Improves Mental Health

Not being open enough when communicating can make you feel closed off from the world. This can lead to poor mental health and extreme negativity. Rather than unnecessarily torturing yourself, try to find people you can trust to listen to what you’re saying. Being open means you can express your feelings without being judged or criticized. This can cause you to have less stress and more peace of mind. Openly communicating can improve your mental health by:

  • Decreasing stress
  • Lessening depression and anxiety
  • Boosting positivity
  • Increasing empathy

Hold Yourself Accountable

When you’re open when you’re communicating, you’re telling everyone about your personal struggles. At first, this might make you feel uncomfortable, but discomfort can be good for you if it helps you hold yourself accountable for your actions. For example, if you tell people you’re going to change your ways, you’ll likely feel pressure to do what you say. And if you do what you say you’re going to do, you’re on the road to recovery.

Be Your Authentic Self

Being yourself can be a challenge when you’re living a life full of lies and deceit. This can make you hate yourself and the person you’ve become. However, communicating in a healthy way means you don’t have to hide your authentic self. You can openly express yourself in a group setting in treatment or when you’re with loved ones. People who’ve endured similar struggles to yours can relate to you when you speak up about your problems. This can make you feel less alone and have more peace of mind. You can also grow to understand that everyone feels the same way as you and that’s why they choose to live with addiction in silence.

Stay Connected Socially

Lack of open communication can lead to you isolating yourself and having mental health issues. Indeed, you may even feel disconnected from the world and the people in it. This can lead to depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues. Therefore, you won’t be genuinely focused on recovering because you’ll be too negative. On the other hand, communicating your needs openly can make it easier for people to connect with you in a positive way.

Inspire Others to Be Open

If you feel as though communicating openly isn’t possible, then others probably feel the same. Instead of allowing yourself to be stifled by negativity, consider the benefits of being positive and open. When other people who struggle with addiction see how brave you are for speaking up, they can feel encouraged to communicate too. They won’t have to be so afraid of talking about addictions that multitudes of people across the planet face. Furthermore, you can feel like a better person for caring about yourself enough to talk about your problems.

And for inspiring people who face addictions that make their lives difficult every day. In drawing to a close, openly communicating with others is necessary to be a happy and healthy individual. Besides this, people can be understanding of your struggles and be more empathetic. If you have trouble communicating, you can make it easier by taking small steps toward being open and honest. Ready to get started? Call us today at 614-705-0611.